Assembly specification of insert radiator

Release Time:2023-06-20

Insert radiator is now a common radiator for home use, insert radiator is through the straight tube push through the expansion machine for the account tube makes deformation, and then rebound combined, and the use of plug-in assembly can be 100 percent not leak. So reduce a lot of energy waste, and insert radiator in the assembly process does not require welding, the surface of the insert radiator no overheating effect. Below, briefly introduce the assembly specifications of the insert radiator.

1, the installation of plug-in radiator water radiator before, first of all, to unscrew the water injection port, check whether the water injection port is damaged, whether the internal rust of the radiator, whether the cover can be screwed tightly with the water injection port, if found to be abnormal, be sure to replace intact accessories before the next operation.

2、Use the sample bracket, stuck to the radiator insert water radiator bracket installation, check whether the bracket installation holes on the hole, the installation hole location is correct, the water radiator "U" slot width is appropriate.

3, the layout of the drainage pipe to the bottom of the water radiator installation bracket as a benchmark, the length of the drainage pipe beyond the bottom of the bracket 300mm, the drainage pipe is qualified, too short, the need to replace the length of the appropriate drainage pipe; too long, the extra part of the cut out.

Assembly specifications of the insert radiator

4, lifting water radiator and oil radiator, so that it is in an upright position, uncover the water radiator into the water outlet, oil radiator inlet and outlet shield cover, check whether there is water inside the radiator, whether there is rust on the internal pipe wall, whether there are impurities such as oxides, the need to remove the water, rust and impurities, in order to assemble water radiator and oil radiator.

5、Check the bottom of the water radiator water release valve, open and close whether flexible and effective.

6、Remove the protective net of the oil radiator and check whether the heat sink is scratched.

7、Before installing the water radiator, check whether the heat sink is scratched.

8、Connect the water radiator with the air guide cover, and connect the oil radiator with the water radiator.

9、Lift the insert radiator set to the platform, adjust the position of the radiator set to the hole, so that the clearance between the air guide and the fan tip must be within the established range.

10、Pre-assemble the insert radiator set mounting bolts, fix the nuts with an open-end wrench, pre-tighten the bolts with an air gun, tighten the mounting bolts, and mark them with a paint pen.

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