Technical discussion and cooperation

Release Time:2017-04-19

Although the current radiator technology is relatively mature, narrowing the gap between domestic and foreign enterprises, but after all, there are still. Where are these specific differences? In the face of the trend of energy-saving emission reduction and the development of new energy vehicles, how can enterprises improve on the basis of existing technology to meet the needs of real development? In response to this, the leading supplier of heat exchanger aluminum - Grange Golf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., with its status in the industry and unique observation, recently conducted a radiator technology differentiation test The Based on the fine research, 12 different models of radiators were selected, and the heat dissipation, heat resistance, vibration resistance, corrosion resistance and other dimensions, weight, weight and design were analyzed and studied. Industry to provide differentiation and value reference.
Project leader HOUSE told reporters that before such research is very small, as the upstream of the supply chain, we on the one hand through research to deepen the understanding of the radiator technology to promote product and technological innovation. But also hope to share the results of this study to our downstream radiator business, so that they from the breakdown of the data to find their own gaps, thereby enhancing the technical strength.
It is understood that every two years Galangis will hold large-scale radiator-related technical seminars for domestic and foreign enterprises to provide technical exchange platform, this year's October will also be held in Chengdu such a show, around the current technology of the radiator Status and future development, and to share pre-test research reports at the same time.
Whether foreign or private enterprises, in the radiator technology, although there is a certain degree of familiarity, but it is necessary to keep up with the rapid pace of development of the vehicle, continue to expand and improve. The market does not need to be honest, the traditional technology needs to go beyond and improve, and mutual understanding, mutual promotion is not a good way to promote technological innovation.

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