Energy-saving emission reduction performance to be improved

Release Time:2017-04-19

Radiator in China has been developed for many years, are more traditional technology, the current domestic production enterprises, many products uneven. As for the differences between the pros and cons of the product, Granger's R & D staff HOUSE said that the main factors are determined by three key factors: heat dissipation, weight and volume (weight), useful life (reliability).
Emission standards, resulting in the engine for the radiator heat performance higher requirements, such as in order to reduce NOX emissions, the need to optimize the fuel injection timing, which will increase the engine oil heat load; In addition, more and more consumers to pursue dynamic Driving pleasure, which prompted the engine power continues to improve, resulting in heat gradually increased; in the new energy vehicles, the fuel cell car heat load is very large. In the fuel cell system, about 50% of the energy into heat is distributed to the atmosphere by water, compared with about 33% of the traditional internal combustion engine heat load, the radiator cooling capacity of the higher requirements ... ... these Need high-performance radiator to help. Thermal performance of the engine's power, economy and reliability have a great impact.
In addition to emission reduction, energy efficiency and fuel consumption standards have become a serious problem facing the car prices, and lightweight as one of the main solutions, the engine has become a miniaturization trend, which requires the radiator, including the parts to reduce their weight The However, for the miniaturization of the engine will promote the radiator volume reduction, Fu Austrian World Heat Exchange System Co., Ltd. Technology Minister, said China, "This is not proportional to the small size of the engine but requires the performance of the radiator to continue to improve.
In terms of reliability, Zhejiang Yinlun car aluminum oil cooler business unit general manager and chairman of the board of supervisors Fengzong said, "Today's OEMs on the radiator life of the increasingly high demand, which match the material and product design structure Its impact is greater. "
In the energy-saving emission reduction policy, high-performance, lightweight, low-cost radiator will become the development trend, which will lead to a new round of technology and product change.
"To meet these three requirements, the choice of materials is essential, the current market mainly to aluminum-based materials, the future may also have new materials to replace." China Automotive Industry Association car radiator Committee Secretary-General Wang Zhongzhu Said.

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