Composition and function of led radiator fins

Release Time:2023-03-21

LED lamp heat sink is a heat dissipation structure composed of the base of LED heat sink and several fins. Unlike a single fin, its heat dissipation unit is a U-shaped or V-shaped channel composed of two adjacent fins and the base. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the impact of spacing and the number of fins of the heat sink on heat dissipation performance.
The continuous improvement of chip input power puts forward higher requirements for the packaging technology of these power LED's.
Nowadays, heat dissipation has become a key factor restricting the development of high-power LEDs. Especially when applied to automotive lamps, the thermal environment of LEDs is further deteriorated due to the limitations of structural design that meet the aesthetic requirements of the vehicle model, so special consideration needs to be given to the thermal issues of LED lamps.
Aluminum fins are a common heat dissipation method for LED heat dissipation. Aluminum fins are used as a part of the housing to increase the heat dissipation area.

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