The structure function and working principle of automobile radiator

For me, the car is the best choice for our daily travel, because the car is fast and comfortable, so that we have a good experience. With a car, we can skip the subway to catch the bus! So do you guys know anything about cars? Xiaobian here to introduce you to the car radiator.

Apr 07,2024


The introduction and maintenance of automobile radiator

The coolant flows inside the radiator core, and the air passes outside the radiator core. The hot coolant cools because it dissipates heat to the air, and the cold air heats up because it absorbs the heat emitted by the coolant, so the radiator is a heat exchanger.

Apr 07,2024


For car radiators! How much do you know?

Automobile radiator is composed of water inlet chamber, water outlet chamber and radiator core.

Apr 03,2024


Automechanika Shanghai 2023

As the global automotive industry focuses its attention on China, Automechanika Shanghai, as a highly influential automotive industry event in the world

Nov 16,2023


AAPEX SHOW is a professional exhibition for the global automotive aftermarket

Las Vegas Auto Parts and after-sales Service Show AAPEX is the world's

Oct 31,2023


AutoTech Eyget 2023

As the only professional auto parts exhibition in the pan-Arab and North African region, AUTOMECH has been successfully held for 21 sessions, the Middle East and North Africa in the auto industry is a fast-growing market, and Egypt has the world's lowest energy coupled with the government's encouragement and expansion

Oct 09,2023


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