AutoTech Eyget 2023

Release Time:2023-10-09

As the only professional auto parts exhibition in the pan-Arab and North African region, AUTOMECH has been successfully held for 21 sessions, the Middle East and North Africa in the auto industry is a fast-growing market, and Egypt has the world's lowest energy coupled with the government's encouragement and expansion, making Egypt the most amazing growth in the Middle East and Africa in the auto parts market. In addition, Egypt is a member of the Great Arab Free Trade Area, the East and South African Community, signed a partnership agreement with the European Union, and signed a qualified industrial zone agreement with the United States.

Exhibition time: October 15-17, 2023
Venue: Cairo, Egypt

Exhibition scale: 11,000 square meters, 242 exhibitors (25 countries)
Under the framework of the above agreement, the export of Egyptian cars, motorcycles and spare parts products to the above agreement countries will be zero tariffs. This year will be one of the best investment opportunities to enter this rapidly developing and resurgent market. In 2018, the exhibition has five national pavilionists from China, South Korea, Brazil, Turkey and India, a total of 242 companies, an exhibition area of 10,000 square meters, and buyers from 25 countries such as Ghana, India, Kuwait, Kenya, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, etc. came to the exhibition, and the number of visitors reached 5,400 people.



Why come to Egypt?
Located at the intersection of Asia, Africa and Europe, Egypt is a large market with a population of 70 million. The potential of consumer groups is huge, and the demand for middle and low grade economic cars and motorcycles is large at this stage. There is a big gap between Egypt's local production and market demand. With the improvement of Egypt's macroeconomic situation and the continuous improvement of people's income level, this gap is increasing, which provides the possibility for the subsequent entry of passenger cars. Whether it is complete vehicles or auto parts, Egypt has a large market space. Egypt has the highest population and low human resources. At the beginning of 2012, the national population of Egypt has reached 81,785,221 people, ranking third in Africa, only after Nigeria and Ethiopia. From the perspective of huge population, geographical advantages and necessary infrastructure, Egypt not only has a huge domestic market, but also has a huge domestic market. Egypt is also the most valuable place to invest in the region and will become the most important and convenient industrial development area in the whole of Africa. After the revolution in Egypt on January 25, 2011, the structure of the automotive and spare parts market quietly changed.
In the Arab region, especially Egypt, where the automotive market is growing fast, the government also encourages the modernization and expansion of automobile factories and after-sales service exhibitions in its policies, providing opportunities for our Chinese enterprises to open up new markets. The automotive market in Egypt is growing at an annual rate of 20%, and the fastest growing segment of the Egyptian automotive market is automotive assembly, covering several major brands. The field of vehicle maintenance and repair tools in Egypt is growing at a rapid rate compared to the previous year. Motorcycle manufacturers in the Egyptian market has a very good market prospects, used cars in many countries, parts maintenance demand is very intense.
The Egyptian government is aiming to increase car production to 500,000 vehicles by 2020, half of which will be exported. The main objective of the project is to develop Egypt as an export-oriented zone serving Arab and African countries. Egypt has become a global export destination for several brands and a regional center for the automotive late supply market, and the market development prospects are huge.

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