The development of new radiator usher in a harmonious era of heating

Release Time:2017-04-19

With China's economic development and improvement of people's living water, heating range is expanding, the original is not heating the South, but also generally increased the heating demand. Now is the radiator market a good time in the rapid development of cast aluminum radiator just to catch this period. Let us work together, not only the development of new products, with a variety of water conditions can be applied to the corresponding products, improve product quality. Do a good job selling services, building a moderately prosperous society, harmonious family, warm room and contribute.
1998 has a milestone, opened a new development of the radiator prelude. This year there are two landmark events: First, Sunder radiator market; but the paint began to use anti-corrosion copper, aluminum radiator. 1999 appeared copper and aluminum composite radiator, passive anti-corrosion from the material to active anti-corrosion. Florence radiator in 2000 to market, creating a decorative radiator boom.
Sino-German joint venture Beijing Sende Radiator Co., Ltd., with the German advanced technology to produce steel pipe column, three column radiator, product quality, high grade, but expensive, than the then cast iron radiator price more than 5 times , Causing great concern in the industry. Vigorously publicize the service to help him open the market. With the improvement of people's living standards, high-grade products are also popular. Visitors follow, steel radiator will soon be popular, Sen Tong radiator output value will soon be more than 100 million yuan, a new type of radiator business vanguard.
As China's heating water quality and operation and management is not standardized, paint corrosion will be pushed to steel, aluminum radiator, to extend its service life. Sen Tong radiator to China is also "acclimatized", and ultimately engage in paint within the anti-corrosion, that is, "Sunder unlimited" and "Sunder unlimited II". In 1999, Lanzhou Longxing Radiator Co., Ltd. also became "aluminum radiator anti-corrosion research and production base." Coating anti-corrosion makes steel, aluminum radiator to develop, and support for many years. After ten years of practice proved that the coating is not ideal for corrosion, it can play a role, but can not solve the fundamental problem.
In 1999, Shandong Gaomi first developed a copper-aluminum composite radiator. Under normal circumstances, the corrosion rate of copper is 25 times the steel, so the copper radiator more corrosion-resistant, can be used in a wide range of water quality media, long life, is a mainstream product, soon to promote To become the prevailing mainstream products. Later, when the international copper prices soared, the product will be subject to constraints. So there is a lower price of stainless steel - aluminum composite radiator and steel - aluminum composite radiator, these are expedient on behalf of the product.
In the corrosion resistance and the requirements of the provincial copper, aluminum tube convection heat sink is also revived. Said it revived, as early as 2000 in Tianjin three years of thermal reform project, the main push products, the result is not ideal. Users do not welcome it, the main reason is: a low-temperature attenuation phenomenon, the hot medium water temperature is low when the heat; large size, for many small room occupies a large number of users; and the appearance of monotonous. As the product province copper, durable, the association has vigorously promoted. International Copper Association support, landscaping design, so that it is revived. Beijing Hengbang Capgemini Radiator Co., Ltd. developed the admiration of the series of copper tube convection, the cooling function and beautification of the perfect combination of decorative features, coupled with adjustable air volume to adjust the temperature, adjust the direction of the wind to avoid smoked walls, intelligent automatic Display temperature, can be humidified, can release negative oxygen ions to increase the air vitamins and other functions, making it a good contemporary high-end radiator products, energy saving, environmental protection, durability, beautiful model.
In 2000, the Beijing Bureau of Florence Radiator Co., Ltd. listed, a large number of the introduction of European art decorative radiator, so that people eye-opener, radiators become handicrafts, decorations, improve people's beauty to enjoy. Domestic enterprises have to follow and develop, developed a lot of national style with the art of decorative radiator, so that China's radiator shine. Now almost every radiator company produces art-decorated radiator, which has become fashionable.

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