Aluminum radiator selection and installation and use of instructions

Release Time:2023-06-20

Electronic products, including large machinery and equipment, a very important part or workpiece is heat dissipation, often currently are using matching aluminum radiator, but there are individuals who will buy their own very good quality aluminum radiator, so when buying aluminum radiator need to pay attention to what issues?
Selection of aluminum radiators have 5 considerations
First, choose a steel radiator to pay attention to the internal corrosion
Cast iron radiators are eliminated, replaced by steel radiators (column, plate type, etc.). However, the current anti-corrosion effect is still a good aluminum radiator.
In addition, some radiator manufacturers in the market at present vigorously promote their radiator products "no weld". In fact, this for the radiator corrosion resistance does not play much of a role. Because the corrosion of steel radiators are not occurring in the weld, which is determined by the corrosion principle of steel radiators, so "no weld is not the same as no corrosion".
Second, cast iron radiator fade out of the market
Cast iron radiator because of its low price, corrosion resistance and other advantages, so for a long time has been the dominant product on the market in China. But because of its use of steel joints in many places, prone to corrosion leakage. So in recent years, it has been gradually eliminated.
Third, the procurement location is also very important
Different procurement locations, the after-sales guarantee is not the same, so be sure to purchase aluminum radiator profiles in the place of origin or after-sales service guarantee.
Fourth, copper and aluminum composite material may also corrode
Copper and aluminum composite radiator is also more common in recent years a new type of radiator, is a combination of copper and aluminum alloy profile convection type radiator. In general, copper is stronger than steel anti-corrosion ability, relatively safe, consumers can be assured that the choice. But also does not exclude the possibility of corrosion in some specific environments, responsible manufacturers should also remind consumers, such as "Senate copper core Jie" copper-aluminum composite radiator in the information clearly marked out: "for open pressure boiler, silt and add some chemical deaerators such as sodium sulfite System may also appear corrosion."
Five, aluminum radiators do not mix with other materials
Currently on the market, aluminum profile radiators are mainly high-pressure and stretch aluminum alloy welded two. In our market sales of aluminum radiators are mainly welded type, because the strength of its welded points can not guarantee, prone to problems and leakage, therefore, consumers should be careful to choose. In addition, experts remind consumers: because aluminum profile radiators are not suitable for alkaline water quality, unlike steel, so aluminum profile radiators should be avoided mixed with other materials installed.
In addition to the purchase of aluminum radiators, also need to pay attention to the installation and use of exhaust problems, during the trial heating, alternating hot and cold water, aluminum radiator pipes or heating will be left in the air. At this time need to distinguish between different situations, exhaust. If the neighbors are very warm, only one is not hot, and in the top floor, it is possible that the electronic radiator automatic exhaust valve rust failure. If the other floor rooms are not hot, it may be a problem with the indoor profile radiator venting valve, or the indoor inlet and outlet valves are out of order. And if it is a building or a unit of heating are not hot, it may be related to the inlet valve.

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