Installation of radiators should take into account the maintenance

Release Time:2023-06-20

Radiator correct use instructions:

 1、When testing the water, someone should be left at home to open the water inlet and return valves;

 2, running wind should be in the closed state;

 3, do not shake the heating, radiators, pipelines do not bear weight;

 4, non-professionals do not fold the heating;

 5, the heating season valve should not often switch. The valve can only be in a fully open or fully closed state.

 6、When there is a leak, the water inlet and return valves should be closed immediately.

 7、Check the interfaces for leaks within three days after the heating has stopped.

 8、Steel heating is ideal for full water maintenance. Centralized heating needs to shut off the heating inlet and outlet water valves within one day after the heating is stopped.

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