Insert radiator processing process

Release Time:2023-06-20

Insert radiator piece of insert are manufacturers of aluminum plate with punch processing, and then inserted piece by piece into the small slot on the heat sink base, finishing through external pressure makes a tight connection in the radiator bottom sit, this insert radiator in the equipment heat dissipation is more widely used.

Insert radiator has two different production processes, one is the body welding, both metal sheet directly connected to the radiator, this connection method is the radiator and metal sheet between only one contact point, with good corrosion resistance, no need to polish. And filler welding requires grinding, corrosion resistance is also poor; either way of welding insert radiator to observe whether the weld is neat and firm, if the welding process is poor, then the overall quality of the insert radiator is not optimistic. For ordinary consumers may not be able to judge well which insert radiator is more appropriate, so you can buy insert radiator in accordance with the quality of the appearance of the insert radiator, or ask the professionals for advice.

First is the insert tooth technology, it is the use of more than 60 tons of pressure, the aluminum sheet combined in the base of the copper sheet, and aluminum and copper without the use of any medium between the microscopic view of aluminum and copper atoms in some way connected to each other, thus completely avoiding the traditional copper and aluminum combined with the drawbacks of the interface thermal resistance, greatly improving the heat transfer to the ability of the product.

Next is reflow soldering technology, the biggest problem of traditional bonded heat sink is the interface resistance problem, and reflow soldering technology is the improvement of this problem. In fact, the process of reflow soldering is almost identical to that of traditional jointed heatsinks, except that a special reflow furnace is used, which allows precise temperature and time parameters to be set for the soldering, and the solder is made of a lead-tin alloy, so that the solder and the metal to be soldered are in full contact, thus avoiding leaky soldering and empty soldering, ensuring that the connection between the fins and the base is as tight as possible, minimizing the thermal resistance of the interface, and controlling Each solder joint of the solder copper melting time and melting temperature to ensure that all the solder joints are uniform, but this special back soldering furnace is very expensive, motherboard manufacturers use more, while the heat sink manufacturers are rarely used. Generally speaking, take this process of radiators are mostly used in high-end, more expensive.

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