Application of Heat Conduction Tape and Application

Release Time:2017-04-22

Heat transfer tape is widely used in the heat conduction design of CPU, power tube, module power supply and other heating devices, it can completely replace the traditional application of grease, efficient and convenient transfer of heat. Thermal conductive tape with high thermal conductivity rubber as the thermal substrate, single or double back pressure sensitive adhesive, reliable bonding, high strength. The thermal tape is thin and flexible, and is very easy to fit the surface of the device and the radiator. Thermal tape can also adapt to cold and hot temperature changes, to ensure consistent and stable performance.
The heat-sensitive adhesive tape has high bonding strength and excellent thermal conductivity. It can fix the device and the radiator to achieve heat conduction, insulation and fixation. It is especially suitable for high integration, small equipment space and fixed difficulties. Is to reduce the volume of heat dissipation accessories, optimize the design of suitable materials.
Heat-resistant double-back tape in the bonding should pay attention to the operation method, is strictly prohibited by hand or other non-adhesive contact surface, is strictly prohibited repeatedly exposed, the adhesive surface should be kept clean, dry, usually before use with alcohol to avoid Affect the bonding firmness. Auxiliary supplies: cotton, industrial cleaners, rubber gloves.
Step 1: Clean the surface of the device with a non-hair removal cloth.
The second step: soaked with industrial cleaning agent cotton Sassafras clean the surface of the device, to the oil; the other installation process do not touch the cleaning surface.
The third step: tear off one of the protective film on the side of the gum, fingers do not touch the plastic surface.
Step 4: Apply it to the surface of the device, gently press for five seconds from the center of the adhesive area to ensure that the double back tape is in full 100% contact with the surface of the heat sink.
Step 5: tear off the other side of the adhesive on the protective film in accordance with the third, four steps in the same way, so that double back tape and chip adhesion firm.

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