Domestic and international technical gap narrowing

Release Time:2017-04-19

Before our technology is mainly a copy of the current we have their own R & D team, can be independent research and development. "Feng will always be proud to say," At present, we have increased investment in technology and personnel training, and the introduction of experienced international talent, technology and foreign companies basically little difference, through unremitting efforts, and now with Ford, , GM and other auto support. "
Wang Zhongzhu also said, "At present, many domestic radiator manufacturers, domestic and foreign technology gap is gradually narrowing, but the field of more than foreign-based brands, private enterprises and more supply in the aftermarket or export, in the foreign market development is good, but Domestic vehicle companies inherent in the supply chain system is difficult to break.
However, for the current gap, the above two pointed out that the standardization of production and automation in private and abroad there is a certain gap, in addition, new energy vehicles supporting and technology research and development, foreign brands have advantages.
For the OEMs in terms of the inherent concept is still that in terms of technology and quality, foreign brands are relatively more leading. Therefore, the future of private enterprises to enter the supporting system, the resistance is still large.

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